Friday, January 27, 2012

BSF and cow smugglers clash in Swarupnagar afresh

Persistent silence of the State to increasing crime acts as indulgence only and the entire structure is then dubbed (by wrongdoers) as a mute, namby-pamby body politic that can be swindled at every time. And this happens to be the frame of mind of cow smugglers (operating in Indo-Bangladesh border area without restraint) at the moment. The same was noticed once more on January 23, 2012 (at night) when cow smugglers attacked BSF personnel at Hakimpur, Barasat viciously for endeavoring to prevent smuggling of cows.

The BSF camp was ransacked completely then and a similar incident was repeated on January 24, 2012 at village Swarupnagar, P.S. Swarupnagar. Nevertheless, intransigence of BSF personnel made the cow smugglers run off later on.  On the word of villagers, no less than 100 smugglers enter India from Bangladesh illegitimately on every night and 250 cows (on average) are smuggled to Bangladesh.

This is not all; villagers have also stated that electric supply is unplugged everyday at midnight even if there is no habitual load shedding. They allege that smugglers do this for their own benefits; darkness helps them to enter India stealthily and smuggle cows without disturbance.   

BSF is doing its best even if it has already stated its incompetence to guard the entire area (extensive in every sense of the term). The force was cautious on Tuesday due to the attack on Monday and villagers also lost no single moment to inform the battalion of the next operation.

All these make us posit a pertinent question. How long will this continue? Is it becoming difficult for Indian government to heed Indo-Bangladesh border? 

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