Friday, February 10, 2012

Hindu valiance can save Bengal only

Islamic appeasement makes government blind

The reigning political clique in Bengal is hell-bent to curb Hindu Samhati and thus to stamp down the voice standing for Hindu rights and their legitimate claims whereas the mounting troubles in the Indo-Bangladesh border area owing to Islamist rowdies, cattle smugglers in particular, remain unnoticed. Well, several reports of this incident have already been published in this website prompting many to term Hindu Samhati as blatantly communal but the threat it puts forth is undeniable. Mainstream media, after lots of brainstorming, have concluded it as a burgeoning threat to the security of India.

Perhaps the government of Bengal needs more time to wake up as the gruesome happening is spearheaded by Islamists, being regarded as the mainstay of the government and hence, placated at every nook. 

What is most striking, BSF personnel are not allowed to fire a single shot (as per order in April, 2010) against Muslim encroachers (from Bangladesh) in the border areas who have got a fillip hence and enter India clandestinely almost every day. And all these have led to the tragic death of a BSF jawan, Sartaj Singh (age 45), hailing from Uttar Pradesh.

He got wounded viciously on last Saturday when a band of BSF personnel positioned in Kaijuri, Swarupnagar, Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North) tried to fight hundreds of Islamist cattle smugglers from Bangladesh. Owing to the weird order, BSF personnel had rural weapons like bamboo sticks, wooden bucklers only. On the contrary, aforesaid Islamist smugglers were armed with all kinds of lethal weapons. Soon the later ones overwhelmed BSF jawans and Sartaj along with Jitender Pal Singh were chopped mercilessly. Grievously injured Sartaj was first sent to Basirhat Sub-divisional Hospital, later to SSKM in Kolkata where he succumbed to death on Tuesday.

And the governments, both at the center and state, are yet to adopt any fruitful approach in this regard. Surely they are more interested to go on placating Islamists to ensure their minority vote bank.

In accordance with J S Prasad, DIG, BSF (HQrs), “The decision of no firing was adopted on last April and 49 attacks took place in 2011 altogether. 69 jawans were wounded as a result. In this year 6 attacks have taken place on us leading to the injury of 12 BSF jawans.” Everyone is aware of the mindset behind such attacks but Bengal government due to its treasured Islamist friends has not said single word thus far.    

People living in border areas of Basirhat and Bangaon Sub divisions have turned out to be the greatest casualty of governmental indecision and Islamist appeasement. Why don’t we focus on the worst affected areas here then? Swarupnagar, Hakimpur, Bithari, Kaijuri, Sholadana, Ghojadanga, Shayastanagar in Bajuria, Jalalpur in Hasnabad, Katakhal, Sutia in Gaighata, Hingalgunj – all in Sub-division: Basirhat have become the greatest victims where inhabitants are having sleepless nights virtually. And they consider the governments, especially Bengal, as most culpable in this regard. People, in strength, are witnessed to blame the Islamist appeasement candidly. Why shouldn’t they do this as well? It is too easy for Islamist encroachers to travel across rivers (in these areas) with cattle; villagers claim this can be made highly difficult given that the local administration and police remains vigilant round the clock.

Here is a question. Is the Bengal government too naïve to comprehend the sinister design behind this daily campaign from Bangladesh? It is a part of the design of Greater Bangladesh; Islamist smugglers are simply encouraged to sneak into Indian territory and to have shake up as far as possible to break Indian, virtually Hindu, morale completely.

It’s better for the Bengal government to address this issue – endangering national security day in and day out instead of employing best efforts to admonish Hindu Samhati evoking laughter only. Its rising minority appeasement is drawing the entire state towards a communal conflagration only and silence and reluctance to act will inflame Hindus. 

If the government fails to act, Hindus will take the cudgel of responsibility to save nation and subdue all satanic maneuvers, be it of Islamists from Bangladesh aided by indigenous turncoats.

Ahimsa paramo dharmaha, Dharma himsa tathaiva cha.
('Non - Violence is the greatest Dharma; so too is all righteous violence')

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