Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Islamists persecute Hindus in Etinda Panitar village Panchayat, Basirhat

Can myth of Rule of Law make Hindus there confident anymore?

Basirhat is moving towards an Islamic hegemony speedily; this deduction is not based on any fiction but hard facts – facts that are cruel enough to send shudder through the backbone of any sane and patriotic individual. Religious persecutions on Hindus led by Islamists have become order of the day in Basirhat and with each day it passes, intensity of crime, persecution and hatred against Hindus gets increased.  

Kalipuja is organized under the aegis of Panitar Market Committee, in the area of Etinda Panitar village Panchayat, P.S. Basirhat, Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North), every year. Fair does also take place (for 4 days at a stretch) to celebrate the joyous environment. On March 10, 2012, the Kalipuja (of this year ) was organized. Hindus, in and around Etinda Panitar village Panchayat , were perceived to make merriment.

On March 12, 2012, at 7 pm, an Islamist youth was caught red-handed while attempting to molest a Hindu housewife in the fair. Credit goes to the Committee members who never missed a chance to identify the felon and make him stop. The Islamist ruffian, as expected, was manhandled and thrashed in addition. However, he was not alone; his cohorts (6 Islamists) clashed with the Committee members repeatedly to save him. All efforts failed at that time.

The gang withdrew but returned with more men of Muslim-dominated village: Nikaripara after 45 minutes and thrashed everyone they found before them. Microphones were broken and the open-air drama was also stopped. Committee members phoned police a lot but none (either from P.S. Basirhat –located at 10 kilometers away or its local outpost) did appear. Finally BSF had to intervene (Etinda Panitar village Panchayat is in the India-Bangladesh border area) to rein in the fervid disturbance. 2 police personnel in civil dress appeared once the fiery mob of Islamists was restrained but no Islamist was arrested.

Nevertheless, the situation was far from over. At 8.30 pm, a large contingent of Islamists from Nikaripara (comprising almost all villagers including young and old and children and women) stormed the Hindu-dominated village: Daspara (organizer of Puja and fair) to teach Hindus a lesson. Hindus, en masse, were thrashed brutally and many of them had to flee for the sake of life. To save the situation and also skin and  kith and kin of Hindus, Mr. Tapan Pal, head of Etinda Panitar village Panchayat, and Mr. Dilip Das, member of the same Panchayat, phoned police and after frequent pleas police appeared at 10 pm.  

Even if the police force succeeded to overpower Islamists, Hindu village and its dwellers were completely destroyed by that time.  

To find a solution out, a peace meeting took place at P.S. Basirhat on March 13, 2012, and it was joined by members of both communities. Police became successful to restore normalcy but no Islamist was taken into the custody. Hindus left the police station disgracefully while Islamists were found to celebrate their unprecedented victory.  

On March 14, 2012, just on the next day, Mr. Biswanath Das, resident of Daspara and also the first to protest against the attempt to molest, became victim of a cruel thrashing.  He is known to be in a critical condition in a local hospital, at the moment.

Here is a question to the readers. Such incidents are getting more and more common in Bengal these days – resembling the days before partition in 1947. What do these incidents bear out? It’s a single aspect on the whole – national sovereignty and rule of law has become the greatest casualty in this part of India.

Both cease to exist in Basirhat. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hindus in Basirhat persecuted gravely

Islamists are on the rampage

History does change at each moment and every moment does bring forth a novel anecdote – Hindus of Bengal are witnessing the same at the moment – it’s an unrestrained growth of Islamic fundamentalism – hell-bent to unleash a complete hell on Hindus. 

Hindus of village: Mirzanagar, P.S. Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North) used to have their businesses behind the rail gate of Mirzanagar (Railway station) and on a railway tract for decades. A week before they were served a notice by the Railway to desert the land with immediate effect. Owing to this sudden development Hindu business community thought it wise to relocate their businesses to a vast tract (also a property of Railway), located on the opposite side of the existing one. Preparations were in full swing, hence.  

But Hindus were hardly aware of sinister designs of Islamists.    

On March 25, 2012, at 9 am, while Hindus were engaged in setting up their new business hub, a few Islamists appeared on the scene. Claiming the land as theirs, they asked Hindus to desert the tract right away. When on earth Hindus (stunned) refused to do so, foul languages were used against them; Islamists did rampage soon.  The foremost intention was to uproot Hindus, end their enterprises in any way. The mob comprised almost 90 Islamists including Sheikh Motiar Mandal, Sirajul Mandal, Rubiul Islam, Abdullah Mandal, Selim Mandal, Khaliullah Mandal.

Hindus, as a result, got agitated and paid Islamists in their own coin. Islamists, witnessing the fiery mood of Hindus, did withdraw but only to come back with reinforcement. Almost 600 Muslims appeared at this time; they were having a makeshift shop that was planted within the residential area of a Hindu individual. This was followed by a new series of plundering Hindu shops and houses. Hindus phoned police lots but it became visible only at 5 pm. And by that time Islamists turned out to be victorious.

When police tried to rein in the mob of Islamists, they were beaten back highly and even CI of P.S. Basirhat got injured. The situation was beyond any control; to save the Hindu lot there, at 5.30 pm, a large number of Hindu youths from the area of Kankra (close at hand) got in the riotous area and soon, they overawed Islamists. But it is impossible to make Muslim ruffians comprehend the need of tranquility in society and this became more evident while Islamists were returning. At that time Islamists stole 3 shallow pumps (essential for cultivation) and also destroyed paddy fields of Hindus.   

What is most striking, 4 Hindus were arrested by the police at dead night (on the same day). They were called to the local police station wherein the arrest took place. They are Buddhadeb Sarkar, Sambhu Baidya, Sanjay Baidya and Narayan Mandal. Well 2 Muslims have also been arrested (to befool Hindus altogether) but villagers claim that these people have hardly any relation to the incident.

This is certainly not the end. Imam of a local mosque has asked Muslims to boycott Hindus both socially and economically. And as per fresh reports, local Panchayat (dominated by Muslims) has annulled any approach of people, both Hindus and Muslims, to use the tract of railway.

It is worthwhile to mention, Islamists had desecrated and burnt down a Kali temple at Kankra almost 2 weeks back but it failed to find out any reference in the Panchayat meeting even for once.   

(Hindu shops burnt down) 

(Railway Track) 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is there no justice for Hindu villagers of Sastitala?

Hindu villagers of village: Sastitala, Block: Minakhan, Malancha, P.S. Haroa, Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North) are yet to get any justice from police and administration regarding vicious attacks on them by Islamist youths on February 19, 2012.

Despite submitting formal complaint to the police station, persecuted Hindus have not got the complaint number from police thus  far and what is more striking, police, during the last investigation in Sastitala pretending to nab the Islamist toughs, virtually warned the signatories of the formal complaint.  It is alleged that police even reprimanded Hindus and admonished them of dire consequences for the adventurism (complaining to police instead of hushing it up). 

Is there no justice for Hindus in Bengal?

Look into the formal complaint of Hindu villagers of Sastitala in the following lines.


The Officer-in-Charge,

Haroa Police Station,

District: 24 Paraganas (North)

Dear Sir,

We, at the outset, happen to be inhabitants of village: Sastitala and have been suffering immensely for days owing to rising aggressions of neighboring Muslim village.

An electric transformer is positioned in our adjoining area while another one is in the adjacent Muslim-dominated village.  Muslims do steal electricity from there at every time and 5 Islamist youths of village: Andol Pota came to hook electricity from the transformer in the Muslim area and owing to the illicit activity the electric transformer burnt down.

Next, to have electricity they came to our village and tried to have it from our transformer and we objected and tried to prevent them from doing the same as well. Facing the prevention from Hindus, almost 30 Islamist youths pounced on us with bamboo sticks and other rural weapons leading to grave injuries of 2 Hindus of village: Sastitala.

Women were not spared; they were manhandled, molested and became victims of extremely dirty languages of the Islamic criminals.

Names of some of the aforementioned Islamic felons are in the following lines.

1)      Nazbul Mollah, son of Ahid Mollah
2)      Bablu Mollah, son of Piru Mollah
3)      Ayub Mollah, son of Siddique Mollah
4)      Yachin Mollah, son of Yakub Mollah
5)      Laltu Mollah, son of Moibul Mollah
6)      Zakir Mollah, son of Ahmed Mollah
7)      Jainal Mollah, son of Abdul Mollah

Islamists also threatened that they, depending on their own whims, would burn down Hindu houses, put a final stop to developments of Hindus and would murder Hindus wherever and whenever necessary.

(Signed by)

Villagers of village: Sashtitala (Hindu Scheduled Tribe)                                                

Date: February 19, 2012 

Administration dancing to Islamist tunes in Malancha

Hindus remain stranded

Malancha, situated in Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North), has been a hotspot of animosity between Hindus and Muslims for years and village: Sastitala, one of the many villages in it, witnessed a corresponding flare-up once more on February 19, 2012. However, the basis of this hostility is quite unusual and it’s regarding a transformer (an electrical device by which alternating current of one voltage is changed to another voltage). Each of the Hindu and Muslim localities in the village enjoys a separate transformer; Islamist bid to exploit the Hindu locality’s transformer initiate the bloody crisis.

It is not a secret in Sastitala and its neighboring villages as well that Muslims use their transformer rampantly and hence, it burnt down completely a few days back. However, to get the supply of electricity a few Islamists came to the Hindu area at 7 pm on the very day and started to make use of it all of a sudden (without feeling the need of informing Hindus there). When Hindus objected, a clash started – the gang of Islamists simply pounced on Hindus and the ferocious bid was retaliated by Hindus vehemently.

To stall any further development of the bitterness, Hindus lodged a formal complaint against the Muslim felons in the police station of Haroa. But police, strikingly, was found to be reluctant to adopt any measure in this regard. Thanks to the strange indifference of the administration Hindus remained confounded, it is needless to say.

Hindus, being desperate and to put an end to the police’s strange mind-set, went en masse to the police station on February 21, 2012  (Tuesday) at 11 am. Nonetheless, police personnel did not even care to speak to them till 2 pm and Hindus were left stranded. The step motherly treatment of police proved to be more than enough to make Hindus impatient and they burst into loud protests altogether. In consequence of the   topsy-turvydom police, ultimately, buckled under and pledged to take criminals into custody before long.

Whatever it is no arrest has taken place yet and it is being alleged that an influential Islamist lobby is trying hard to prevent police and administration from adopting necessary methods and also to nab the criminals.