Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Basirhat Post begins today

There is a highly popular phrase in the English language, necessity knows no law, and it’s the same reality, changing in an amazing speed with each day it passes, which must be dealt with similarly and all these have compelled us to begin this BasirHat Post.

Basirhat, to cut a long story short, happens to be a major city along with a municipality in District: 24 Paraganas (North) in the Indian state of West Bengal. This sub-division also takes pleasure in its proximity to the River Ichamati, branch of River Ganges; the city is positioned on the banks of the river. The entire area has a long history dating back to the mediaeval period in Bengal, dominated by strifes and pernicious events. It is also the area where the “Tebhaga Andolan”, a precise farmer’s movement famed across the globe, occurred in the mid-1940s and sent shudders through the spine of then administration.

Nevertheless, much has changed in the following decades and the area’s closeness to Bangladesh has resulted to an exponential rise in the number of Muslim infiltrators from that country changing the demography of the area largely. This had stimulated the local Muslim population also to heighten its perpetual anti-Hindu drive and its frequent clashes with and rising persecution of Hindus prior to September, 2010 depicted the same mindset.

But what happened on September 06, 2010 altered the area completely. On the same evening, following Iftar, thousands of Muslims gathered in the Deganga Mosque (Basirhat SD, North 24 Parganas) and moved to a number of Hindu areas. In the beginning, Hindu temples, shops and households were ransacked and also destructed and what followed was nothing but a complete hell. Thanks to the indecision of the government, Hindus became the worst victims and even if a few of them have been compensated, Hindu areas in Basirhat remain scared yet.

Journalism requires bravado, stubborn commitment to honesty and a persistent zeal to fight for justice. Hindu Samhati’s news website has been going on with the same principle from the very first day and we are confident to render people the truth and the true facts of existing situation of Hindus in this BasirHat Post as well.

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