Friday, November 9, 2012

Cow smuggling pushing Hindus close to death in Swarupnagar, Basirhat

Hindus have to struggle to exist

Hindus inhabiting Swarupnagar, Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North) are having two options at this moment – it’s either to leave the area mutely (without speaking a word) or to wage a do-or-die struggle against Muslim cow smugglers (hell-bent to erase the least Hindu identity in the vicinity too) and their benefactors including local Islamists and administration. It may come as a rude shock to Hindus crowding urban centers in Bengal and rest of India but crude truth can’t be quashed for the eternity.

How are Hindus dwelling in India-Bangladesh border area at the moment?  In a nutshell – they are out of the frying pan into the fire and the (recent) horrific happenings in areas under P.S. Swarupnagar exemplify their position best.

If you want to know more, please go and ask Kalu Ghosh and Debu Ghosh, two brothers living in Baltighoshpara, P.S. Swarupnagar, Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North).  As their patience was on the brink of collapse, Ghosh brothers protested strongly against smuggling of cows but they were thrashed brutally by Trinamool Congress activists (along with cow smugglers) in Baltibazar. Cow smugglers, later, ravaged their thatched huts too.

Robin Roy, Hindu individual residing village: Koijari, P.S. Swarupnagar, shares the same fate as well. Cow smugglers, all Islamists, use the lane before his house for an easy transportation and at each time, they do not leave an opportunity to harm Robin’s household (in any way). But when he protested recently and asked the smugglers to stop it, he was attacked just then and slashed severely. Hindu women in his family were also not spared; cow smugglers attempted to rape them but the situation was saved as a large number of Hindus hearing the noise (women raised an alarm) rushed to the spot.      

Arindam Bagchi, another Hindu living in village: Mallikpur, P.S. Swarupnagar, raised a vehement protest against this intolerable smuggling of cows from different parts of India across the border. Arindam was beaten so heavily that his family members were forced to take him to a nearby hospital.

The said incidents are not singular but are happening on a regular basis while the police and administration, BSF and human rights organizations stand as completely indifferent. BSF, in a way, can be termed as least culpable following their helplessness (thanks to government order) but the despised nexus among others have become the greatest adversary to Hindus in Swarupnagar.

And the human rights organizations (governed by Communist or Left-of-centre ideologies) never miss a chance to raise allegations of human rights violations whenever BSF adopts tough measures against infiltrators from Bangladesh.

Hindus have to wage vigorous struggles to exist in Swarupnagar. 

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